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Name: Lynn
Greenmeadow Elf played: Shineshade
Age: 23
Birth date: July 18, 1977
Zodiac sign/Chinese sign: Cancer/Snake
Gender: Female
Location: Pensacola, Florida
ICQ or AOL IM screen-name/number: AOL IM- OwlMasterDalamar

Education: Premed Biology Degree
Personality: Fun loving, friendly, easy going. Like to laugh. Want to know about everything I can and not affraid to ask questions to find out!!
Hobbies/Intrests: Horseback riding, wolves, Elfquest, drawing, writing, reading, movie watching, video game playing, anime
Likes/Dislikes: The fall and cold weather/dislikes hot weather
Favorite color(s): Red, Purple, Black
Favorite food(s): Greek, pizza, chicken, Italian
Favorite movie/T.V. show: Third Rock, Seignfield
Pets: To weimemiers (big german hunting dogs), one black fuzzy cat, one palamino horse, one spoiled husband...I
Anything special or unique about you: Not that I can think of
Your Motto: Life is only what you make of it

How long have you been reading Elfquest: 15 years
Favorite Pini Elfquest male: Pike
Favorite Pini Elfquest female: Nightfall
Least favorite Pini Elfquest male: Rayek
Least favorite Pini Elfquest female: Aoree (couldn't remember how to spell her name off the top of my head)
Favorite Elfquest book or scenario: The tribe just before the Shards war
If you were a Pini elf, who would you be: Leetah

Other Holt Membership : WhiteWolf: Fernfire and Frostskipper
HuntShadow: Redfang
Darkfalls: Blueflower
Darkmists: OwlMaster Dalamar
TwoMoons Shade: Howldance
Silvervalley: Highwalk
DragonMoon: Dragontouch

Holts I was in during the past:
BrambleBerry: Frostskipper (the original)
Crystal Rocks: Frostskipper and Fernfire (the original)
EagleTalon: Swiftpaw
Wanderingsteps: Brairkeep
Frozen Winds Lodge: Layerias
Shadow Wolf: Howldance (the origianl)
Guardians Pride: Riverclaw
Golden Peaks: Silvereve