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"Little Ones"
      The sun had set and in its wake had left the orange glow over on
the horizon and a sprinkle of little stars coming out into the black night.
 The tribe was climbing out of their dens,
yawning and rubbing their eyes,
and like the rest of the tribe Daybreak slowly climbed out of her
den carrying her small she-cub Sweetfire in her arms lovingly.
The little cub was staring up at her with her large bright light brown eyes.

      "What do you find so interesting?" She asked her daughter lovingly tickling her little arms.
 Sweetfire’s reply was a couple giggles, she reached up and
grabbed some of Daybreak’s orange gold curls in her small hand.
 She was still a little too young to talk other then a couple
words here and there.

      Daybreak laughed when Sweetfire began to pull gently on her hair twirling it around her fingers.
 Taking a seat near the rest of the tribe she bounced Sweetfire on her knee and watched as she giggled and cooed, her wavy red hair bouncing around wildly. Her wolf-friend Dawnlight came over and flopped down next to her.

      ::Hello Friend.:: Daybreak sent to her wolf scratching her behind her ears. Dawnlight's head shot up when one of the cubs in the holt began to cry. Figuring that she’d go see which one of the cubs was crying, Daybreak got up from her spot on the ground repositioning Sweetfire on her right hip. she walked over to the place where the newborn Rosestem sat crying, tears streaming down her cheeks. Daybreak smiled at Rosestem’s mother as the young elfess tried to quiet her newborn cub.

      "Would you like some help?" Daybreak asked sweetly. Rosestem’s mother nodded her head and handed the little she-cub over.  "Sssh…Little one." She mummered slowly lowering herself back down to the ground. Placing Sweetfire on her lap Daybreak rocked the little red headed cub in her arms quickly quieting her.

      "You just wanted to be near Sweetfire, didn’t you?" She asked the small cub, Sweetfire sat in her mother’s lap starring down at Rosestem, making funny faces at the small cub. Sweetfire was trying her best to make the other cub smile.

      wom"I can tell you two are going to be friends for a very long time." Daybreak mused, staring at the two little cubs’ faces that looked back at her.
"Such cuties you little one’s are."