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Daybreak's T.V. Drama
Walking into the room Elizabeth sighed finding her annoying little elf sitting on the floor of her bedroom.
Elizabeth: What do you think you're doing? I've told you a million times that the VCR won't work unless you turn it on silly.
Daybreak: Yes, well I was trying to see if you were lying…and I guess you're not so could you please put this in the VCR for me?
Daybreak hands her human a tape, Looking down at it Elizabeth realizes its one of her sister's many Buffy the Vampire Slayer tapes.
Elizabeth: Daybreak, why are you watching this? You've already seen this tape a million times…I don't know what I'll ever do with you. You'd think after living for over a 1000's years you'd act a little more like an elder and less like a teenage girl.
Elizabeth sighed placing the tape in the machine, pressing play she waited to see why Daybreak and Vineleaper always watched this one. ((FYI, Amanda's my twin…so that's why Vineleaper would be in the same house.))
Daybreak: Watch, look isn't he the cutest?
The older elfess asked looking at the screen Elizabeth sighed, this was Amanda's doing wasn't it? There's no other way her elf would have thought SPIKE of all people/vampires was cute.
Elizabeth: Okay, Daybreak why of all the humans on T.v. did you have to find the peroxide blond VAMPIRE cute?
Elizabeth asked looking at her elf questionably; she'd never thought Daybreak insane before this day. But know she thought the poor elfess need her head examined or something…
Daybreak: Well, of course he's nothing like my Farcry but he's still very cute for a human.
Daybreak jumped off the floor to look Elizabeth in the eye. (She's still sitting on the bed.)
Elizabeth: I'm going to get Mander's for this, she's not supposed to corrupt my elves. She can do whatever she likes with her own but she's supposed to stay away from my kind of sane elves.
Muttering Elizabeth leaves the room in search of someone that isn't an insanely weird elf of hers.
Daybreak: Wait, Come back here right now…its not even five minutes into the show. Angel's in this one…Elizabeth Ann get you're wayward hide back here.
The little elf calls hands on hips standing in the doorway of the Twins room. Her hair a mess from stomping her foot and jumping around to get her silly human's attention again.
Elizabeth: What…Angel's in this? Oh is this the thanksgiving one where Spike's tied up to a chair still and Xander's sick with like three-zillion diseases?
Elizabeth asked rushing back into the room, and flopping down on her bed she laughed, who would have thought that she'd be watching anything like this with her elf.
Daybreak: Yup that's the one…now shut up it's getting to a funny part.
Elizabeth: Yes Ma'am, I'll be quiet now.
The lights fade out on Elizabeth and Daybreak watching the T.v intently… laughing at something or another that just happened in the show.
The End.
Author's note: I'm sorry for all that read this and have no idea what I was talking about through out the whole thing…I hope this was not to confusing for those that do not watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer religiously like me (Yes, I watched religiously along with Angel.) But hopefully it was still a funny story even if you didn't have any idea what was going on. J