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Character: Echo
Played by: Evie
Soul name: Unknown
Cub name: N/A
Previous name: N/A
Age: 4
Gender: Female

Hair: Rich brown with red highlights; itís short and wavy.

Eyes: Gold.

Facial Features: Round in a cub-like way but showing signs of looking
somewhat like her mother.

Height/Build: The typical height and build of a  four-year-old.
Family: Blade (father), Blackberry (mother), Thicket (sister), Widesky
(half-brother), Haze (half-brother), Foxfire (second cousin), Rain (third cousin)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No

Tribal Duty/Position: Cub.
Hunting Party: Not yet
Trading Party: Not yet
Ride-Out Party: Not yet

Weapons used: None yet.

Skills and Hobbies: Already showing signs of quick reflexes, there is little
doubt that she will become a huntress of rare quality. Her main hobbies now are getting her way in all things and occasionally causing trouble to
satisfy her mischievous streak.

Personality: An inordinately quiet cub, the type who observes often and
thinks constantly. Though definitely a Wolfrider, her thought patterns
already seem to be more strictly logical than they would be if she were
governed entirely by her wolf blood. To some she seems to be developing
slowly, but this is a result of her observation; she learns by watching
rather than by doing, and once she decides to try something is very often an expert at it in a short amount of time. A very happy cub, but rather shy
around anyone outside her family. Has a quiet humor that sometimes melds with her mischievous streak with often disastrous results.

Likes and Dislikes: Being with her family, seeing and learning new things.
Being separated from her family, fire, loud noises.

Personal history: Born of the long-secret love between Blackberry and Blade, Echo was never destined to have it easy. As her parents had anticipated, the knowledge that Blade had children other than Widesky and Haze cast doubts on the matter of who would carry the lock next. For now, though, Echo is too young to care and simply enjoys the time she spends with her family, both immediate and extended.

Wolfbond name: None yet
Pack Rank: