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Character: Shineshade
Played by: Adoptable
Soul name: Elyin
Cub name: Starlight
Previous name: None
Age: 1,205
Gender: Female

Hair: Pale gold, small curls cascading over her shoulders, sometimes hiding her eyes and falling to her waist

Eyes: Pretty pale blue, heavy lined, wide and cub-like with very long lashes

Facial Features: Large, deep and clear eyes, heart shaped face with thin, high brows and a small button nose, pink cheeks and full lips

Height/Bulid: Small framed, shorter and voluptuous full figure

Family:  Blade (Lifemate), Widesky (Son), Otter (Niece), Cub on the way
Lovemates: There were a few before Blade but she has spent most of her life with him
Lifemates: Blade, will share furs with whomever in the tribe wishes to
Recognized: Blade

Tribal Duty/Position: Huntress, Lifemate of the Chief
Hunting Party: No
Trading Party: No
Ride-Out Party: No

Weapons used: Bow

Skills and Hobbies: Cub-sitting, lounging around in the shade or by the river, listening to a good story, dancing, merrymaking, flirting

Personality: In her youth, Shineshade was the tribes most "terrible" flirt.  She had joined with many and took several lovemates.  Shineshade is smart, but she lives in the Now and thinks only of the moment.  Her wolfblood is strong and she lives by the Way.  When provoked she becomes a snarling she-wolf, but usually she is sunny, open and loving.

Likes and Dislikes: Sleeping under her favorite tree, dancing in the meadows, joining, her family. Rainy weather and the cold.

Personal history:  When there's nothing to do Shineshade does exactly that, nothing! She has lived by the Way and will die by the Way. Her family comes before any other concern, except the Tribe.  She takes her position as Lifemate to the Chief very seriously, although her advise isn't always the wisest thing to listen to since she forgets most, save the Now.  Shineshade hasn't lost her flirtatious streak, even through her recognition with her long-standing lovemate, Blade, and the birth of their son, Widesky.

Wolfbond name: Fireheels
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Color: Light gray with white undertones
Pack Rank: Mid
Disposition: Just as lazy as her elf-friend