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Name: Amanda "Drama Queen"
Greenmeadow Elf played: Vineleaper
Age: 15
Birth date: 04/13/86 (Yep, I'm a youngin')
Zodiac sign/Chinese sign: Aries/Tiger (I think)
Gender: Female
Location: Minnesota, USA
ICQ or AOL IM screen-name/number: AOL IM: ElfieGurl

Education: 9th Grade (Highschool freshman)
Personality: Outgoing, strong-willed, strong-tempered, supposedly flirty (I don't believe this one, but most people tell me I'm an unconscious flirt.). _Really_ goofy at times (I.e. when lacking in sleep or on a sugar buzz.)
Hobbies/Interests: Art, drama, literature, dance, music and the internet
Likes/Dislikes: Art, Anne Rice novels (Vampire Chronicles basically), Elfquest, most any other comic book, acting (huge drama queen), writing and goofing off with friends. Being mocked (happens a lot when you dramatize _everything_), arguing with friends, cold weather, and siblings (j/k).
Favorite color(s): Silver, Black & Purple
Favorite food(s): Not sure.
Favorite movie/T.V. show: Interview With the Vampire, Legend, and like three million others. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
Pets: A cat named Anakin (Star Wars phase.)
Anything special or unique about you: I have an identical twin (Well, I think its unique.)
Your Motto:  Not sure

How long have you been reading Elfquest: `Bout a year and a half, or longer…can't quite remember =P
Favorite Pini Elfquest male: Cutter, Skot or Redlance
Favorite Pini Elfquest female: NightFall or ShenShen
Least favorite Pini Elfquest male: Dunno
Least favorite Pini Elfquest female: Aroree or Kahvi
Favorite Elfquest book or scenario: Ummm…Like `em all, have a _very _ hard time choosing.
If you were a Pini elf, who would you be: ShenShen