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Name: Jay Kay the "Supersonic Interplanetary Spacecowboy"
Greenmeadow Elf played: Blade (Chief) Widesky and Haze (Sons of Blade)
Age:  24
Birth date: 01/01/1977
Zodiac sign/Chinese sign: Capricorn/ Year of the Dragon
Gender: Male
Location: Santa Barbara, California
ICQ or AOL IM screen-name/number: Greenmeadowholt (AOL)

Education: If you know you know and if you don't too bad
Personality: Easy and out going, laid back, friendly, adventurous and extroverted
Hobbies/Intrests: Writing music, poetry and stories, drinking and mixing drinks, parties, clubbing, drawing, hiking, exploring, skate and snow boarding, modeling.
Likes/Dislikes:  Good Vibes and High Times/Moody people
Favorite color(s): Orange, red and yellow
Favorite food(s): Indian
Favorite movie/T.V. show: Cat People/ Gundam Wing
Pets: Disco (Dog-Papyillon), Lemon (Cat-Torbie), Morrissey (Cat-Abby mix)
Anything special or unique about you: I am the first in my family to graduate college, ummmm...I think that's about the most interesting thing I can muster up.
Your Motto: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!"

How long have you been reading Elfquest: 14 years
Favorite Pini Elfquest male: Skywise (Old school, before he lost his wolf blood)
Favorite Pini Elfquest female: Ember
Least favorite Pini Elfquest male: Scouter
Least favorite Pini Elfquest female: Tyleet
Favorite Elfquest book or scenario: I would have to say that I love the series about Bearclaw, the Wolfrider book.
If you were a Pini elf, who would you be: As much as I despise the cold, I would have to be a Go-Back of some sort. Or maybe Teir.

Other Holt Membership : TM Shade, Dragonmoon, White Wolf