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Name: Evie
Greenmeadow Elf played: Echo
Age: 22
Birth date: November 3 1978
Zodiac sign/Chinese sign: Scorpio/Horse
Gender: female
Location: Canada
ICQ or AOL IM screen-name/number: Arshei (Aim)

Education: High School
Personality: Depends on what the person I am with is like, if they are
outgoing I am outgoing, if they are laid-back then so am I
Hobbies/Intrests: Elfquest (no doubt!!!), drawing, craft
Likes/Dislikes: Computers, movie, shopping, cooking
Favorite color(s): Blue in all shades, or brown
Favorite food(s): Icecream, fresh cut fries, pasta
Favorite movie/T.V. show: X-men, Buffy and Angel, Xena
Pets: A siamese fighting fish I named Cutter
Anything special or unique about you: I am flat footed
Your Motto: When sliding down the banister of life, watch out for splinters

How long have you been reading Elfquest: not even a year and mostely just read the novels
Favorite Pini Elfquest male: Cutter
Favorite Pini Elfquest female: Nightfall
Least favorite Pini Elfquest male: Rayek
Least favorite Pini Elfquest female: Moonshade
Favorite Elfquest book or scenario: Anything to do with the twins when they were young
If you were a Pini elf, who would you be: Everyone says I am most like

Other Holt Membership : Owner of Dragon Moon Holt and Shards of Two Moon, Darkfalls, Whitewolf, TM_Shade, Silver Valley