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First Healing

        Arrowmoss was quietly at the river; she had been swimming for hours and lay now on the ground, resting. Suddenly, she saw Vineleaper coming with her wolf friend. Swiftstep and Rivermoss began to play together while Arrowmoss greeted her friend.
" Hello Vineleaper, would you like to stay a while with me? " she asked the elfess, smiling.

      Vineleaper nodded and sat near Arrowmoss. She giggled and asked: " Do you know where Widesky is? I am in the mood for teasing him tonight. "
Arrowmoss giggled too at the thought of her father's apprentice and answered: " No, I fear that each time he sees me at the river, he blushes and leaves. He does the same for every female though. "
Vineleaper nodded and together they laughed gently at the thought of the shy guy.
      "Too bad that he's so shy, he's really handsome.... " Added Vineleaper.
" Yes, he is..." whispered Arrowmoss. " He truly is..."
She grinned and asked Vineleaper: "So, when will you be allowed to go with the hunters? It's boring to have others think we're still cubs. I want my own den but my parents think I'm too young."
Vineleaper frowned; she was so impatient to prove that she deserved to be a true huntress. ”Well, I understand you too well! For the hunt, I have still to....Argh ! "

      Vineleaper got up, screaming: " Puckernuts, the snake, it bit me!" Too busy with their talking, none of them saw the snake coming too near, but the two elves knew it was a deadly one. Swiftstep killed the snake quickly as Rivermoss licked her elf-friend's face with concern.
     " Don't move, the poison is fast...too fast..." whispered Arrowmoss, she didn't know what to do. Vineleaper then looked at her and said, " I know, only you can help me. It is rumored that you have to be a healer; it's time to show it. "
      Arrowmoss frowned and began to tremble. Vineleaper was right, but Arrowmoss never had any sign of the healing powers she was supposed to own. But she had to try or she would lose her friend. So, she closed her eyes, put gently her hands on Vineleaper's leg and concentrated. Vineleaper clenched teeth to not show how much it hurt her, and she certainly didn't want to show she was as afraid as Arrowmoss.
      Nothing happened, Arrowmoss cried, she was so afraid to lose Vineleaper when she should have been able to help her. She thought of calling for help but it would have been too long for the others to come. So, she concentrated and concentrated again and finally, it happened. She felt a warm energy coming from her heart to her hands, and to Vineleaper's leg. The energy was first weak but became stronger and Arrowmoss felt that the poison being destroyed at the same time Vineleaper felt the ache going away.
      A few minutes later, Arrowmoss fell on the ground, unconscious. When she woke up, she was in her den with her parents near her, worried. Splitspear was there too and he smiled gently at her.
      " Vineleaper, how is Vineleaper? " whispered Arrowmoss.
" She's fine, cubling, thanks to you and your powers. " Daybreak answered gently. " Shineshade is near her right now. "
Splitspear laughed and added, " You're now a true healer, my cousin! We're so proud of you."
      Arrowmoss smiled, took the cup of water that Farcry gave her and said: " I think I still have a lot to learn before being a true healer, but that's a good start."
" And maybe that now I'm old enough to have my own den? " She added mischievously with a wink at her family.

To be continued...