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Otter and Splitspear's Recogntion
         With the sounds of the celebration fading behind them, Splitspear lead
his recognized to his den. His body, trembling slightly with the shock of
his recognition, carried him up the tree to his den, Otters hand in his
own. Many a maiden had visited this den, and many romps in the fur had
followed. Otter, too, had been no stranger to this den, but this time it
was different…this time, it was for a new life. He was okay with it too,
which surprised him. He _wanted_ this.

        Sitting down on one of the furs that covered the floor of the den, he
looked at Otter sitting across from him. Staring into her eyes, those
golden-brown pools of mystery and mischief, Splitspear made a low, almost
inaudible groan and leaned across, brushing his lips across Otter's. He
raised his hand and slowly ran a fingertip across her full lower lip,
feeling its softness and her hot breath. **I need you so much Naul**, he
sent to her quietly. Kissing her softly, his tongue darted across her lips,
teasing and tasting. Splitspear gently rubbed her arms, soothing her as his
kiss deepened, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, properly claiming her.
When Otter groaned and parted her lips for him, her body shifting closer,
he lost everything that had formerly resembled control.

      Without touching her, Splitspear pushed Otter back into the furs,
leaning into her as he kissed her deeply. He heard her whimper and felt her
arms creep about his neck, pulling him closer to her. Sliding his full
length onto the furs beneath him, he laid his entire weight on top of her,
nestling a knee between her legs. Pressing kisses down the arched crescent
of her throat, he slowly slid his hands up her soft, smooth thighs,
becoming harder as her leathers slid up with her hands, exposing more and
more skin to his eager hands. Sliding his hands over the top of her
leathers, he dragged his fingers very lightly over her sensitive breasts,
teasing her already hard nipples. Otter whispered something inaudible, her
back arching slightly. This was all the invitation Splitspear required.
Slowly, he trailed the tip of his tongue down her throat and chest, dipping
it in the valley between her breasts, tasting the saltiness of her skin. He
fruity scent, mingled with the perfumes of the woods that surrounded them.

      Otter's fingers fumbled with his breeches, desperate to touch him, feel
his skin under her hands and pressed against her. Taking her hands in his,
he pulled her into a sitting position, onto his lap. Quickly and expertly
he dragged her leather dress over her head and tossed it aside, then
quickly shrugged out of his vest.

      Holding her on his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist, his head
swooped down and captured one of her nipples in his mouth, his tongue
flicking over it. Otter groaned and splayed her fingers through his crimson
hair, her back arching and her hips pressing against his. Splitspear's
tongue laved her nipple, flickering more urgently as his desire began to
intensify. Otter whimpered his soulname, her hips slowly rocking against
his, her own desire intensifying as his tongue continued it's torment and
his hardness pressed firmly against her most sensitive place.   
Groaning, Splitspear stood up, letting her body slowly slide down his to
the ground. "Please Naul...", he whispered

     "Chalr?", she replied, her breath husky. She stared into his hooded,
fire-filled eyes.

     "I want you now. I don't think I can wait much longer...please." He

    "Oh High One's...I want you too...” she whispered, reaching up and
stroking his face softly.

     That was all he needed to hear, his head swooping to capture her mouth
with his and give her a quick, hard kiss. His hands deftly removed his
breeches and before he knew it, they were in a puddle around his feet and
he was kicking them away. Her body trembled and she took in a quick, harsh
breath, as she looked him over seemed to memorize his naked body.
Splitspear kissed her again, slowly and lingeringly. His lingering kiss was
short lived, his mouth progressing quickly down over her chin and the curve
of her neck. His hands slowly slid down her sides, his thumbs brushing
against her breasts and his mouth followed, kissing a path down her chest
and between her breasts. Groaning, her legs trembling, Otter ran her
fingers through his hair, whimpering as his tongue quickly delved into her
belly button. His hands skimming over her hips, thighs and calves,
Splitspear murmured her soulname. Beneath his palms he could feel her legs
shaking. Slowly, sliding his hands back up her body, enjoying every curve,
to look her in the eye.

And here we close the curtain…*wink*