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From Burr to Widesky

It was breathtaking. Burr stood erect at the edge of the cliff, his golden eyes misted by tears that promised to spill over his smooth cheeks. The sun sat low in the sky directly above Horned Mountain and cast blinding rays over the green foliage, turning everything tones of blanched, glittering, yellow-white.

He couldn't recall exactly how long he had been motionless there. He had been oblivious to all things except for that orange, lustrous, glowing orb in the sky for quite some time now. It was so brilliant that Burr felt his heart would burst at any moment from such beauty. It was only here, in his clandestine domain at sunset, that he felt truly free. As unrestrained as the hawks that soared below him from his craggy vantage point. He extended his arms outwards and felt the small, cool breeze of evening course across his skin. How he wished he could become one of those raptors, even if it was just for a instant. Imagine what it would be like to forget everything, all responsibilities of being future chief dissolved into flight. The wind grew stronger now, whisking through his thick, ruddy, brown hair and sending strands lashing about his face. The horizon was so enormous and so remote yet here, alone, he never felt closer to all the land.

**So this is where you flee, is it?**

Burr turned so rapidly that he nearly tumbled forward to his demise in the gorge far, far below him. It was Blade, there in the wood below, he could just make out the pair of equal yellow-gold eyes in the bracken.
**My chief? I…** Burr was dumbfounded. In all his seasons of climbing here no one had ever braved following or finding him for that matter. But there he was, Blade, his sire and leader and the last elf who would favor Burr being so removed from the Holt.

**”My chief”, now? When had you stopped calling me father, my cub?** Blade strode forward with the cool, calculating steps of an aged hunter. His muscles gleamed in the twilight, demanding respect and attention. He briskly made his way up the mountain ledge, as if he had done so innumerable times before. Burr's stomach fluttered at the thought of any possible repercussion for defying Blade's strict orders about leaving the periphery of the Holt without his explicit acquiescence. The adolescent hunter swallowed hard as his father met him atop his solitary hillock at the pinnacle of the world. He stood facing Burr, eye to eye.

*He is no longer a cub and certainly not the cub that clung to Shineshade's leg since leaving the belly!* Blade mused to himself in fond reflection. Indeed, Burr was of an equal height and was relatively as well proportioned as his chief-sire. There was silence between them as they locked eyes. It was not a challenge. It was a seeking. **Where is the cub that I know and love, my Burr?** Blade sent after a long times length. The sun cast an orange, gentle radiance over the land as it dipped behind Thorny Mountain giving its peak a fire ball halo. A bird of prey screeched from the canyon sky below them.

Burr managed a weak smile. He knew that what ever trouble he was in it wasn't severe or he would have felt the firm hand of leadership across his cheekbone already. **He…he's gone to soar across the horizon with the falcons, father.** Burr sighed and broke eye contact and looked to the skyline again with wanderlust in his golden eyes. Blade turned his head to see what had caught his cubs adoration so. It was clear that this cub of his was meant for large things, things that perhaps no Wolfrider chieftain before them had been capable of. Let it be of no matter that Burr had an irreversible and innate shyness. Burr extended his arms outward and felt the wind embrace his skin. He inhaled the wild scents of the evening and sent to his father, whom he knew was behind him, the oath of the Ride-Out.

**We wanders, ever seeking the lonelier path, begin no sunrise where sunset left us. Look at it father, it's calling to me. We belong to this land, we and the wolves, it is part of the way. The sky…it's so big…so!** He couldn't finish his sentence, he wasn't sure if Blade could appreciate the splendor that came from being in solitude like Farcry could.

**Yes my son, I am sure it does call to you, and it is beautiful. But there are things that we must attend to at the Holt, remember that above all the tribe comes first. Come back to us my son, come back home my Widesky.** Blade turned then so that Widesky couldn't see the tear that had crept to the corner of his eye. Where would his cubs path take him? No one knew.