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The Birth of Widesky

Otter swam in the stream, thinking about the new arrival.
She would have a cousin sometime soon!
Her aunt Shineshade was to have a pup, and Otter couldn't wait!
   She wanted to know his/her name,
and couldn't wait until the new arrival was old enough to tease!   
Otter told herself to calm down, but she couldn't manage it.
  The sudden flash of a fish's scales had her swimming after,
cousin forgot in the chase.
Almost as soon as Otter pulled out of the water,
with 3 fish in hand (she had found a whole SCHOOL of fish!)
she received the sending **Otter come!  Your cousin is arriving!**
Otter's eyes grew round, and she bounded onto Longsnout's back,
 urging him faster and faster.

  This moment was one she did not want to miss!  
Soon she came to Shineshade and Blade's den.  
She bounded inside, almost tripping over Shineshade,
and knocking over a pitcher of water, with a cloth inside. **Sorry...**
she sent to an angry Daybreak the midwife.  
She sat and tried to be calm, but it was almost impossible.
 She was tired, and soon fell asleep.
  The scream of a newborn pup awoke her.
  Otter jumped and ran to her new cousin.
 **His name is Burr.** Shineshade sent, smiling.
 Otter picked Burr up and whispered so only he could hear
 "Welcome into the world little cousin."