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Please read all of the following before submitting anything!

Greenmeadow Holt is currently accepting new elves.
 please check out our adoptables as they have a higher
 chance of being accepted into the Holt before new characters.

New Characters-
In order for your elf to be considered for acceptance into this Holt you must copy
the following Character Information Sheet onto an E-mailand send it in.   
Please make sure that you have read and understood all the information
 in the Rules and Guidelines section of this web site!

Played by:
Soul name:
Cub name:
Previous name:
Hair: Include length, style and color
Eyes: Include color and shape
Facial Features:
Height and Bulid:

Family: Only include living members

Tribal Duty and Position:
Hunting Party:
Trading Party:
Ride-Out Party:

Weapons used:
Skills and Hobbies:
Likes and Dislikes:
Personal history:

Wolfbond name:
Pack Rank:

Member Information Sheet-
Along with your Character Information Sheet, please copy the following
Member Information onto an E-mail and fill it out accordingly.  
You may leave any information unpublished on this site, however, you must
complete the form to be a member.  Any information you do not wish to be made
 public please mark with an asterisk. Pictures of yourself are welcome for submission,
just send it in an attachment!

Name: Can be first name only or nickname
Greenmeadow Elf played:
Birth date:
Zodiac sign and Chinese sign:
Location:  Country, State or Province are all acceptable
ICQ or AOL IM screen-name or number:

Education: Can include level or schools attended plus any degrees you hold
Hobbies and Intrests:
Likes and Dislikes:
Favorite colors:
Favorite foods:
Favorite movie and T.V. show:
Anything special or unique about you:
Your Motto:

How long have you been reading Elfquest:
Favorite Pini Elfquest male:
Favorite Pini Elfquest female:
Least favorite Pini Elfquest male:
Least favorite Pini Elfquest female:
Favorite Elfquest book or scenario:
If you were a Pini elf, who would you be:

Other Holt Membership :

Member Art-
Any art you submit must be in good taste!  No pornography is allowed here.
Slight nudity and adult situations will be considered upon receipt but I cannot
guarantee they will be posted at the Holt.  If you have questionable artwork,
please don't hesitate to send it in  though, I will consider any submissions you make.
 Art may be of any media and any style.

Member  Fiction-
Fan fiction submitted must be within the current timeframe of the Holt. That is, don't mention characters that don't exist at this Holt unless they have recently died or left.  
Stories can only take place if all current role-playing characters are alive.

Some examples of subject matter for fan fiction are; Your character's first hunt, lovemating, recognition, how they got their name, their soul-search, how they got their
magical powers, funny interactions between current characters etc.

Some examples of what I do not want submitted are;
How your characters parents died ,unless they were original role-playing members
of Greenmeadow, songs your characters have sung or written ,with the exception
 of the Holt Story Keeper these can be posted on the Yahoogroup List,
or strictly pornographic or sexually explicit content.  Remember, no pornography of any
kind is allowed at this Holt.  

Adult situations will be considered on an instance by instance basis.  
Please proofread your writings and if English is your second language submit it
 to a volunteer to rewrite with proper grammar before sending it to me.

Role-play is a vital part of the Holt.  Once you have joined you will receive an
invitation to join the Role-Play along with a description of what is currently happening
 in the Holt.  Please follow the directions given to you in the invitation and don't
 be afraid to jump right into the story!  All members are expected to take part and
you must Role-Play at least once a week. Exceptions will be made if you E-mail
 me personally with your situation.

Do not use another person's character without their permission.
 Please play your characters as they would behave naturally, keep them in character
 at all times and don't be afraid to have fun!

Role-plays will run weekly and can be extended to two weeks, depending on how involved
the story is at the time or how much participation we have.  
If you have a story line or suggestion for the Role-Play feel free to
E-mail me privately about your idea!

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