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Non Playing Characters
These characters can be used by anyone at anytime as long as they
are kept true to their CIS!
Feel free to mention your own made up Troll if it fits a story,
 If you want to play them often then we can talk about adding them here!


-Troll cavern guard
-Sour disposition and usually unhappy to see the elves

-Troll trade leader
-Has been known to be fond of an elf or two,
he tolerates them better than most Trolls

-Troll King
-An old Troll who doesn't like any nonsense,
he's a stern leader and highly respected

-A young and frisky daughter of the King,
she likes to get her way and it always leads to no good


Lang 'Tsho Tribe-  
This tribe is the tribe that has returned to the Holt season after season during Summer.
 Although the tribe has grown considerably through the turns,
 they remain peaceful and often worship the elves,
along with numerous other forest deities.

-Medicine Woman
-Very young and newly initiated into her positin.
 She is unsure of her skills and expected to be the closest to the elves,
 whom she is deathly afraid of.

-Advisor to the Chief, hunter and Grisna's suitor
-Wise and patient he has good judgement and an even better temper.
 There are some in th etribe who want him as leader when the Chief falls.
 Trom-Tren has tried to develop a relationshi with Sage over the years
and Sage has watched the young human grow.

Shus 'Sia Nafar (Nafar)
-Aged and past his prime he is respected for his position but the tribe fears
they will grow weak under such aged leadership...
he has his followers and his disbelievers.

-Thinks he's always right and that everyone wants to follow him when in fact
 he only has a small band of faithful friends.
He wants to lead the tribe and feels that the forest spirits have done nothing for them.
 tamarak is begining to think of startinghis own tribe,
but no females want to follow him.

-Tamarak's sidekick
-Young and stupid with no mind of his own.
 He follows orders without asking questions and will follow Tamarak till his death.

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