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Chief Bloodline
The elves of Greenmeadow Holt are descended from wandering
 Wolfriders from the origional EQ chieftian lineage bloodline.
 While the exact tales of their split form the real tribe are lost because
 they had been too much wolf and without a storyteller,
they know through shared memory and the wolves that they share blood and
 that they have a fanciful ancestry with beings they only remember as "The High Ones".
 The tribes memory begins only five chieftians back and is as follows from first to current:

Males are in blue and females are in pink

Blueclaw (Chief) + Eyeswide (Recognized Lifemate) =

Softsong (Chieftess) + Tracker (Recognized Lifemate) =

Starfall (First born of Softsong) and Brightstar (Chieftess) + Blackwolf
(Recognized lifemate of Brightstar) =

Sureshot (Chief) + Swiftskipper (Recognized, Not Lifemated) =

Blade ( Current Chief) + Shineshade (Recognized Lifemate) =

Widesky ( Firstborn of Blade) and Haze (Future Chief)

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