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Flora and Fauna of Greenmeadow


Brown Nuts-
 These nuts grow high in the Brown Nut trees and
make great snacks when hunting is poor.
 Luckily these nuts ripen in Winter when the Tree is bare of leaves.
 The "nut" are actually developing leaves for the next season
 so they must be ate sparingly.

 Tiny red and yellow flowers that run wild!
These flowers are most prominent towards the end of summer and well into fall.
 They serve no purpose other than decoration and are called "firebirds"
because of their bright color and tendency to grow up trees.

Fruit and Berries-
 A fine assortment of blackberries, raspberries,
boysenberries, blueberries, strawberries, elder berries, holly berries,
grapes, apples, pears, peaches, watermelons, honeydew, and figs.

Glow moss-
This lichen is found deep in the forest where the trees grow so
close together that they create a great, black canopy high above the ground.
 It is a white colored plant that grows upon the rocks and fallen trees of the woods.
At night it glows an eerie pale green and is gathered and used by the
wolfriders when they don't want to be burdened by fire or when fire
isn't able to be used as a light source.

Moon flowers-
Large, pale blue flowers that grow in clusters upon the
many meadows surrounding the Holt.
They have been known to have an aphrodisiac like and hallucinogenic effect
when dried and drank as a tee.
They only blossom at night and close up during the day,
 they are spring and summer budding flowers.

Prickle Weed-
 Large weeds that can grow as tall as the tallest elf!
The have numerous large thorns and their leaves have a
 fine fuzz that rubs off upon contact.
Once this stuff gets on the skin it causes a burning sensation as the tiny,
 crystal like particles bore into and under the skin.
 Although harmless it can be a cause of major irritation for weeks!
 Luckily these plants are only found growing in the late
 summer when things are relatively dry.

Puckernut Trees-
 Large trees that produce a sour tasting prickle
covered nut that grows in pairs.
Step on one of these guys and learn why the Wolfriders
use this tree name as profanity!

Red Caps-
A highly toxic mushroom that is delicious!
It has a pleasing scent and has been known to have been the cause of
death for more than one wolf pup and elf cub.
These white stalked and red topped fungi grow after heavy rains
only and thrive on rotting wood.
Once ingested it usually takes about six or seven hours before the effects show up.
 Eating this mushroom leads to intense vomiting and liver failure,
 often once this shows it is almost too late to be healed.
 Death is acute and almost guaranteed.
Luckily those who eat the mushrooms have a distinct sweet smell on their breath.
If dried out and left to age for a moon turn they make a delicious and harmless treat.

Strangle Weed-
Related to Prickle Weed, this vine like plant come alive on contact.
 It is a carnivorous plant capable of eating full grown Ravvits and anything else of that size unfortunate enough to fall prey to its vines!
It grows wild around the more dense areas of the Holt and is a
summertime opportunist.
 Once provoked it quickly coils around it's "prey" and begins to squeeze.

 Many types of Oak, birch, elder, maple, sycamore, willow and pine.

Whistling Leaves-
 A small green plant with holes in the leaves that is very
 rare and hard to find.
They usually grow close to the water and have amazing healing
qualities for a variety of ailments.
If you have a sour stomach and don't want to be healed,
these are the thing to do the trick!
 An odds and ends assortment of flowers growing through the Holt and it's many clearings.
 Think of a flower and it's probably growing there!


Bag Frog-
Large frogs that make giant red bags with their throat when
they call at mating season and before a heavy rain.
These fellows are most commonly found in the spring and early summer.

 A fine assortment of jays, sparrows, raptors, finches, cardinals,
 crows, bob whites, quail, turkey, pheasant, nightingales and
miscellaneous songbirds are known to the Holt.
 The air is seldom quiet and makes for pleasant melodious mornings.

Black Necks-
 These deer are just as large as Branch Horn but they are much less aggressive.
 They are also only seasonal visitors, coming in New Green and staying until Fall.
 While they are much easier to catch and their fine black and tan pelts
are prized hides their numbers are small and must be hunted sparingly.

Bottle Nose-
 A type of water foul that frequents the many ponds and the river in the Wolfrider territory. They are very colorful (both males and females) and make for quite the delicacy. Their feathers are used to stuff hides and for ceremonial decoration.
Branch Horn-
 Large deer with huge racks of antlers. These beasts are
aggressive and stupid and often the cause of death for some of the younger
and less experienced wolves as well as a few young elves.
Older and more skilled hunters will hunt these beasts alone,
 but a youngster should never brave it on their own.

Fire flies-
 "Little star cousins" as it is put. Some call em lightning bugs but I prefer the first!
They are all over the Holt in New Green and late into summer.
 Most elves enjoy their romantic silence and steal away
 for evenings of joining by their tiny lights.

The typical red fox haunts these woods and a few elves have been known
to bond with them over the years.
They usually cause trouble and steal from the Wolfriders meat caches.

No Humps-
Essentially these are small ponies that the elves sometimes use when
their wolves aren't available.
In a bind they make an unflavourful meal.
The have sour dispositions and are avoided at most costs.
 Their hide is durable and many useful things can be made from their bones and viscera.

 Pretty much a rabbit with a "V".

Small Animals-
There are all sorts of mice, rats, ferrets, weasels,
stoats, mink, weasels, badgers, otters, beavers, squirrels, chipmunks,lizards, snakes, spiders, insects ect.ect. Your basic forest mix!

Spirit Maker-
A tiny poisonous spider that navigates by leaping from place to place.
 It is aggressive and highly deadly, it often does not leave it's
victim time to even acknowledge what has happened before they suffer
respiratory distress. Luckily these spiders are rare and like dark places.

White Stripe-
What we call a skunk!

There are both Wolfrider wolves (who have elf blood) and "True
Wolves" in Greenmeadow Holt.
 There usually isn't too much conflict between the Wolfpacks since they keep to their own territories.
 It is more difficult to communicate with a "True Wolf" than a Wolfrider
 wolf and sometimes they are not as trustworthy.

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