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Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines
These are the rules! Follow them!

#1.  Do not mention the Pini's elves!
That's right!  Never!  Not in any way, shape or form!  
This includes Role-Play, Holt Art, and Fan fiction.  
You may discuss Elfquest out of character.

#2.  Pornography is not allowed at this Holt!

Tasteful adult situations are allowed in Role-Play but must be limited to two
or three individual posts, maximum.  If it starts getting out of hand or if
this is the main content of your Role-Play, you will receive an E-mail warning
in private.  Nudity and sexual encounters in art and fan fiction will be considered
 on a one on one basis.  If you have questions just E-mail

           #3.  Don't use someone's character without their permission!

This includes all elements of the Holt:  Role-Play, Art, and Fan-Fiction.  
If you want to use someone's character please E-mail them privately.
  If you do not get a timely response from them, E-mail me and I may decide
whether or not it is all right for you to use their  character as you desire.
As creator and owner of this Holt, I reserve the right to put your characters
in certain situations without consent from the characters owner.
Don't worry, I won't kill your elf, however there are some things that
nothing but fate has control over. As a member of this Holt your elf
could be subject to drama at any time and without warning.

#4.  Keep your elves in character and true
Elfquest spirit at all times!

Don't use phrases or words that we, as fans, would use in normal conversation.
 If you have a specific expression you would like to use, please ask about it first.
 Brush up on your Elfquest reading and if you think you may have problems just
remember that you can always contact me with questions.

#4.  No Recognition, Pregnancies, Soul-Siblings,
 or free giving of Soul names without my explicit permission!

Recognitions are rare and will usually happen at random.
  Before one is about to take place I will ask everyone who does NOT
want their elf to be entered into the lottery to send me an E-mail,
 requesting that their elf be left out.
If you have a particular character that you would like your own to recognize,
send me a private E-mail and I will take it into consideration.  
If your elf has been joining I may decide to impregnate your character.
 Since cubs born out of recognition are not as strong as those that are,
there is the chance that they may either not be carried to term or they may not survive when born.
  If they do survive to adulthood they are USUALLY not born with any
particular talents and may be considered an expendable character.
I have control over when and what characters become pregnant outside of recognition.
  Once again, if this is something you would like to have happen to your character,
 E-mail me first.

The same thing goes with Soul-Siblings and exchanging of Soul names.
  This is usually a rare event and you MUST ask my permission before anything of the sort takes
place it must be a very special occasion to share Soul names without recognition
 and Soul-siblings are VERY rare and may not happen at all at this Holt.

#5.  You MUST participate to maintain membership!

You are expected to Role-Play at least once a week.
  Failure to do so could result in expulsion from the Holt.  
You must also submit one work of Fiction a month.
  Art is optional since not everyone is gifted with artistic talent.

#6.  No Flaming!

I have zero tolerance for anyone saying anything rude or unreasonable to
any member of this Holt, both publicly and in person.
  If I get a confirmed complaint you will be banished from the Holt without notice.
  Please be nice, we are all here to play and have a good time.
  If you are having a problem with someone please send me an E-mail describing
 the situation and we'll see what can be done.

#7.  I have sole control over this Holt!

I reserve the right to change, add or delete any of the rules, content or members
from this Holt at any time and without any prior notice.  
This will probably not happen, but you can't say that I didn't warn you.

Here are some things to consider

Elf Age

It is hard to determine exactly what an elf's age equals to in human years.
 Therefore, for the soul purpose of this Holt, please use the following scale when
 determining your characters age.

0-18 Turns (Cub):Exactly the same as in the human world
18-30 Turns (Youth):Between the human ages of 18 and 24
31-500 Turns (Young Adult):Between the human ages of 25 and 30
500-1,500 Turns (Adult):Between the human ages of 30 and 35
1,500+ (Elder):Elves seem to stop showing signs of outwardly aging at the human
equivalent of 36-40 years.

It is not Wolfrider custom to count the passing years, but they do retain some idea of time-flow.
  When referring to passing time use the following examples.

Turn of the Seasons:One human year
Change of the Seasons:Exactly what it means, there are four seasons and there fore two
change of the seasons would equal a half a year
One turn of the moons:One month
Mother moon full:One week
Cub moon nursing:Two weeks
Dawns or Dusks: Used to determine the passing of a day, depending on when the
Wolfrider has awoken
An Eighth:A week can also be described as an Eight of days.
  The elves count in intervals of eight, therefore anything over eight
has to be counted until the next interval of eight.
  For example 15 days can be said as
 either 2 eighths of days and a dawn or it can be described
as Cub moon nursing and a dawn.

Soul Search

Some Wolfrider cubs are born not knowing their soul names.
  These cubs usually have more Wolf in them than Elf.
  Between the ages of 16-25 they begin to feel incomplete and restless without it.
  The elf then takes off on their own and finds this name in their own individual and special way.  Often the elf goes without food or water for many days and comes close to death.
  Upon finding their soul name,
they may return to the Holt as a different character than when they left.
  Sometimes finding a soul name leads to discovering hidden magic or talent.
  If your elf is a cub and nearing the age to perform a soul-search
E-mail me a short description of what you have in mind in regards to the situation
 and I will give you my approval in carrying it through.

Starsong Verses the Wolfsong

In simplified form, there are essentially three types of Wolfriders.
  Those who hear the Wolfsong generally have more wolf blood that elf and
 behave accordingly, living souly be the Way and living in the Now
.  Those who hear the Starsong usually have more elven blood than wolf
and also behave in a nature true to such by stargazing, remembering and having
more capacity for magic than those who hear the Wolfsong.  
Lastly there are elves with a perfect balance.  
These elves are either usually perfectly content and flexible when it comes to
 making decisions or taking sides or they are completely nuts and can't decide
 where they belong, often taking deep plunges into one or the other, elf or wolf.

Tribal positions

These are certain positions in the tribe that must be filled at all times.

Ride-Out leader- In charge of exploring and leading the Wolfriders
into unknown territory

Hunt leader- In charge of organizing the hunters and deciding what prey to fell

Trade Party leader- In charge of dealing with the Trolls and
anything they may have to offer

Human Interpreter- Not all the tribe can speak human language,
this character has a unique role

Tanner- In charge of making leathers for the tribe

Healer- Can be of various magical level, can heal both wolf and elf.

Storyteller- Remembers tribal lore, keeper of dreamberries and talks most
at celebrations

Midwife/Cubsitter- Helps with births if the Healer is not needed, watches cubs when their parents are away

Fisher- Catches main supply of aquatic meat for the
Tribe and trains others in the way of the water

Treeshaper/Rockshaper/Weathershaper- Uses magic to control nature

Written speech

 When writing in Role-Play and Fiction please use the following examples.

Elf to elf sending- **Example**
Elf to wolf or wolf to wolf- ::Example::
Human speech- <Example>
Thoughts- *Example*
Emphasized words- _Example_
Yelling or raised voice- EXAMPLE

Time Elapsing

Since we can't possibly age our elves true to real time, one human month
will roughly equal two turns of the seasons.
  At the end of a month or the end of a Role-Play I may announce that I am
going to either speed up or slow down time.
  Seasons will be played according to what the setting for the
Role-Play will be and can change rapidly depending on the situation.
  You will be informed regularly of any changes.


Updates will be done about once a week.
  This includes Art, Fiction and Role-Play if applicable.
  Role-Plays will usually be in one to two week intervals unless the topic
is in depth and exciting and there are lots of responses.

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