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The Making of Greenmeadow Holt (in short)

   Well it's been a long haul!
After over a year of role-playing at various sites I
finely have sole ownership of my “Dream Holt”!
How did this Holt happen?
To answer that we must go waaaaayyyyyyy back to last year!

     It all began when I moved into my own place to finish up my last year
 of Vet school in Northern California,
I had just hooked up my Internet and decided to locate some of my favorite sites.
I had been out of touch with Elf-Quest over the years and was looking to buy
 books 1-8 that I had grown up with in my childhood.
The books belonged to my older sister and she wouldn't give them up to me,
even though she didn't read them anymore! (Bitch)

     I began to search for Elfquest and found the official website and much
to my great pleasure found that there was such a thing as online Holts!
I was thrilled and E-mailed the newest Holt I saw.
It had just opened and it was called Crystal Rocks Holt, owned by Ali and Elizabeth.
I quickly made a character named Widesky whom I molded after
my own image and personality and waited to be accepted.
Several days later I was accepted and happily began to Role-Play,
 meeting some of the very characters you see at this Holt!

     From the beginning my character was a magnet for the ladies, well,
 High Ones help the poor shy thing! He's come much further out of his shell since then.
Arrowmoss and Vineleaper were his first two attractions,
although his first lovemate was with Liz's roommate's (Hannah) character, Darkshine.
 Widesky then broke the lovemate pair with Darkshine and fell in love with
Arrowmoss, whom he then lifemated.

He flirted upon numerous occasion with Vineleaper but her mate, Deepflame,
was Widesky's rival and so they didn't get a chance to do it much!
Also, Widesky began a close relationship with Lynn's character Fernfire
(who lives on at White Wolf Holt).

He also had a cousin played by Kelly named Flaretalon.
     After a while there started to be some troubles at the Holt and Elizabeth had to leave.
That left Ali to take control of the Holt.

I had a very close relationship with her and since I
don't want to talk badly about anyone
 I will just let it be said that she needed to leave and left me in control of Crystal Rocks.
Her other Holt, my second Holt, Forevergreen had mysteriously been
erased and the same thing happened with Crystal Rocks.
My good friend Connie had a Holt that she was opening and offered that
any Crystal Rocks members that wanted to move their characters
 there were welcome to do so.

     At this time I was working on another Holt called Golden Peaks.
 That didn't take off too well. Connie at one point also tried to run this Holt,
but alas, it died a slow death!
There were even characters that intermixed between the two Holts,
Golden Peaks and White-Wolf.

I moved Widesky to White-Wolf after a brief absence from the world of the Internet.
 There he was reunited with his lifemate Arrowmoss and the two recognized.
 At this Holt Arrowmoss died giving birth to their son Lasher.

Widesky then became a lone wolf and spent most of his time at
 Golden Peaks Holt where he impregnated one of Lynn's characters.
This character bore a daughter.
 At this time I felt like Widesky had become old and dry
and that he had lost much of his spunk.
 He just wasn't the same elf since Arrowmoss died
and Vineleaper was still much attached to Deepflame.

     In my real life I had graduated college and began pondering
what I wanted to do with my life.
 I felt that I had gone through years of school and I didn't want to use my degree.
 Working in research while in college I had some money saved up and decided to move to
Santa Barbara with my good friend at the time.
So we moved and I began my spiritual journey,
leaving behind a hard break up that left me seriously depressed.
 (Sorry Charmane, but it's true).

So I quit my Holts and began working on myself and my wounded spirit.
     Well a few months later I began to yearn for a Holt of my
own and so I began creating one!
I wanted it to be in true Wolfrider spirit and set in the forest.
I then invited my good friends to join, Natacha, Connie, Kelly, Lynn, Ali
 and Amanda and have met some new ones along the way!
I hope you enjoy your stay here at the Holt and that this little history has been,
at the least, fun to read!

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