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Character: Rain
Played by: Sasha
Soul name: Lahn
Cub name: Riverbank
Previous name: None
Age: 40
Gender: Male

Hair:  Long, straight blond hair that reaches between his shoulder blades;
he usually wears it in a loose ponytail when fishing or hunting. He also wears two thin braids along his face.

Eyes:  Almond-shaped light
gray eyes.

Facial Features: Very handsome, a straight nose, thin blonde eyebrows, not a very chiseled face but just right.

Height/Build: Average height and a very toned physique.

Family: Foxfire (Mother), Brownpool (Father), Sage (Uncle), Widesky, Haze, Thicket and Echo (Thrid cousins)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No

Tribal Duty/Position: Fisher/Hunter
Hunting Party: Yes
Trading Party: No
Ride-Out Party: Yes

Weapons used: Spear as well as a bow and arrow for hunting. He always carries a dagger with him out of habit.

Skills and Hobbies: Rain is a skilled fisher and enjoys skillfully skipping rocks across the water.  He enjoys hunting and is quite the marksman.  He loves swimming and star gazing.

Personality: Rain is known as the quiet and gentle fisher who speaks only when he thinks something should be said. He's usually not one to begin a conversation and doesn't mind sitting quietly with another elf. He always wears a lovely smile upon his face and blushes easily. Fits in well on the hunt.

Likes and Dislikes: Listening to the rain, thunderstorms, the tranquility of bodies of water, and hunting with others. He dislikes being underestimated.

Personal history: Rain was born near the river's edge as his mother could feel a sort of "tug" towards the river from her cub within. As a cub, Riverbank spent most of his days playing by the water and learning from others how to hunt and fish. After he was given the name of Rain, he disappeared from GreenMeadow mysteriously. Recently, Rain returned from his personal sojourn almost unrecognizable to his tribe as he was still a youth when he disappeared.

Wolfbond name: Claypaw
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Color: Light gray with darker patches on his snout, head, ears and midway to his back.
Pack Rank: Mid
Disposition: Loves to run into the water which sometimes scares away the fish Rain's trying to catch. Playful but can be very protective of Rain.