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Character: Flame
Played by: Adoptable
Soul name: Unrevealed
Cub name: N/A
Previous name: N/A
Age: 4
Gender: Male

Hair:  Red with blonde highlights, short and unruly in a spiky sort of way.

Eyes: Bright blue with a touch of silver, round but slanted upwards.

Facial Features: Round cheeks, upturned nose, large eyes.

Height/Build: Short and solid in a cubbish way, taller than his twin.

Family: Mother - Foxfire, father - Splitspear, twin sister - Dawnstar, half-brother - Rain, half-sister - Quill, Second cousin- Arrowmoss and Wisp
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: None

Tribal Duty/Position: Cub
Hunting Party: Not yet
Trading Party: Not yet
Ride-Out Party: Not yet

Weapons used: None

Skills and Hobbies: Getting into trouble, watching Brownpool work his
leathers, begging anyone who’ll listen to teach him to hunt.

Personality: Flame is very protective of Dawnstar, and has been ever since
they were born. A very strong-willed little cub; he will not back down from
any challenge. He also thinks he can do no wrong. Rather precocious for
his age. He thinks that he’s the luckiest cub in the holt because he has
two fathers.

Likes and Dislikes: Being the center of attention, listening to his mother
tell stories. Not being allowed to do things yet because of his age, when
anyone ignores him (he can tolerate it from anyone else but can’t stand it
from Dawnstar).

Personal history: Flame’s been extremely unique since the moment he was
conceived. Foxfire and Splitspear had been enjoying each other’s company
during a celebration, and barely a handful of minutes later, Foxfire
Recognized Brownpool. It was assumed that the twins were both Brownpool’s, products of the Recognition, but when Flame was born his brilliant red hair gave his parentage away. After a great deal of adjusting to this unexpected event, Foxfire remained in Brownpool’s den with both cubs and Splitspear visited often; it never mattered to Flame who his biological father was for he considers them both his fathers in equal measure. Flame has led an eventful life thus far, getting himself into trouble almost constantly and yet somehow surviving every time.

Wolfbond name: None yet
Pack Rank: