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Character: Amber
Played by: Connie
Soul name: Unknown
Cub name: Unknown
Previous name: Unknown
Age: 32
Gender: Female

Hair: A light red with darker red and golden highlights the colors of the leaves as they begin to fall. Long all one length and wavy it reaches her calves as it has never been cut. Most of the time it hangs in her face.

Eyes:  A deep blue the color of the sky at mid day. Large, slanted and luminous with long lashes.

Facial Features: Heart shaped with a small peite nose.delicate pointed ears and high arching amber colored eyebrows.

Height/Bulid: 3'6 Small and peite..slender with well defind curves.

Family: Unknown
Lovemates: Not yet
Lifemates: Not yet
Recognized: Not yet

Tribal Duty/Position: Unknown
Hunting Party: No
Trading Party: No
Ride-Out Party: No

Weapons used: Never held a weapon before

Skills and Hobbies: Rockshaping..she can shape a stone into anything her
mind comes up with.Daydreaming of what her life whould of been like if she was raised by her own kind.

Personality: Quiet and shy Amber has never seen elves before..raised by the humans that worship the Wolf spirits..she does not know what to exspect when she does finally meet them.
She is very unsure of herself having had everthing done for her. Never had to raise her voice she was pampered all of her life. Not spoilt by a long shot she is willing to learn anything and everything she can about her heritage.

Likes and Dislikes: Rockshaping ..and looking at the stars and moons. Walking in the woods ..when she was allowed to. Learning anything she can ..anger raised voices..confustion about what she is and how to deal with it..fears meeting others of her kind.

Personal history: Amber was found as a baby alone in the woods. her parents haveing been killed or haveing left her. The humans of Lang'Tsho Tribe found her and the Chief Shus 'Sia Nafar raised her as his own and loves her very much. Now that he is aging he fears for her life with some of his tribe if anything was to happen to him.
Now at the age of 26 turns Amber will find out what a "wolf sprirt" is and hopefully will learn to be one of them. being raised by the humans she only knows how to speak their tongue and does not even know what sending is..she is more scared than anything that she will not fit in with her soon to be new family
Or that they won't accept her...

Wolfbond name: None
Pack Rank: