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Character: Sage
Played by: Adoptable
Soul name: Winn
Cub name: Sage
Previous name: None
Age: 42
Gender: Male

Hair: Short and light sandy brown/blonde, curls behind his ears

Eyes: Highly slanted and full of life, a sparkling light, leaf green

Facial Features: Round and cubbish with full cheeks that always seem to be smiling

Height/Bulid: Average Wolfrider height, a bit on the lean side

Family: Brownpool (Brother),  Rain (Nephew)
Lovemates: Hasn't been seen with one
Lifemates: None
Recognized: None

Tribal Duty/Position: Human Interpreter
Hunting Party: Yes
Trading Party: Yes
Ride-Out Party: No

Weapons used: Short blade

Skills and Hobbies: A good scout and a better hunter, Sage has the gift of the Human tongue! He is one of the few in the tribe who delight when the Humans come to the forest. He spends almost all his time observing their odd ways and loves them all the more for it.

Personality: Although somewhat on the quiet and reserved side he is always smiling and has a kind word for everyone. There's hardly anything that shocks him and he has an avid interest in the Humans. Tell him a good joke and he'll be your best friend.

Likes and Dislikes: Watching and learning the ways of the humans. When Blade scolds him for doing so.

Personal history: Sage is the brother of Brownpool. He became infatuated with the humans that visited their Holt every turn of the seasons or so at a very young age. He often wandered far to close to their grounds for everyone's likes and quickly learned the repercussions for disobeying your Chief. Blade does, however, have a soft spot for Sage.
Sage has always had a smirk upon his face and takes life as it comes. He does not have imbalance in his life despite his perfect blend of wolf and elfin blood. The hunter spends most of his time observing the Humans when they camp nearby and mingling with the tribes young males. He also coaches the youngsters in the art of patience and acceptance.

Wolfbond name: Grasseater
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Color: Light brown with tan eyes
Pack Rank: Low
Disposition: Prone to illness and very submissive