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Character: Wisp
Played by: Liz
Soul name: Taji
Cub name: Same
Previous name: None
Age: 4
Gender: Male

Hair: Short soft curly brown hair, some of the longer curls falling onto his forehead.

Eyes: Cubbishly slanted amber/orange eyes.

Facial Features: Rounded face, with cubby cheeks, thin lips always seen smiling, with cute little dimples, and a sprinkling of freckles like his mother’s.

Height/Build: Tallish and lanky for a cub his age…but still looks very much like a cub.

Family: Farcry (Father) Daybreak (Mother) Arrowmoss (Sister) Splitspear (Cousin) Quill (Second Cousin)

Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: None
Tribal Duty/Position: Cub and Future Tracker

Hunting Party: Not yet (When he’s older)
Trading Party: Not officially but he goes with his mother.
Ride-Out Party: Not yet (When he’s older)

Weapons used: He carries around a little wooden sword, and slingshot

Skills and Hobbies: He’s showing skill in tracking small animal so far, and he’s pretty skilled at challenging the other cubs to fight, being the center of attention, Going to the troll caverns and getting into trouble…he enjoys and is good at getting into trouble and somehow he manages to get out of it, He also enjoys challenging Haze to fight, this is one of his most loved hobbies.

Personality: He’s a loud and tough guy type cub, always getting himself into trouble and somehow managing to get out of it as well. He’s the complete opposite of his sister preferring to be in the spotlight and getting a lot more of the attention. He’s also a big sweetie unless your Haze then he’s a bit mean (He believes their rivals) He’s has been known to start a couple fights, he thinks he’s a big tuff guy when it comes to fighting…but of course he’s not.

Likes and Dislikes: Likes annoying his older sister, pulling pranks on the other cubs his age. Getting attention and showing off, he’s a big ham when it comes to getting attention from the adults. Likes running around at his mother’s side and heading down into the troll caverns with her…although she sometimes wishes he wouldn’t. Likes fighting anyone that’s willing, he believes he’s the best fighter in the tribe. Dislikes being scolded or yelled at for one of his silly pranks, Bathes and having to swim…he isn’t fond of water. He hate’s not being paid attention to, and doesn’t like when he gets in trouble for fighting with Haze.

Personal history: Born of a second recognition between Daybreak and Farcry, Wisp has been the center of attention for a while with his sister full grown and his father always gone. He’s been his mother’s comfort when his father’s gone for to long. He’s been known to follow some of the older cubs around, He’s had many run-ins with trouble. But it’s happened so much that it’s to numerous to count, The one that will always stick out in everyone’s minds is the time he tried to learn how to track alone. That was the scariest moment in his life…and his mother’s. He adores his Father and wishes to someday be as old and wise as him. But for right now he’s content on just being the center of attention or fighting his little rival Haze.
Wolfbond name: None Currently
Pack Rank: