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Character: Splitspear
Played by: Ally
Soul name: Chalr
Cub name: Littlespear
Previous name: None
Age: 639
Gender: Male

Hair: Deep fire red, short and spiky, it's a fine thatch of tangles!

Eyes: Wide as a cubs and a deep, darker shade of blue

Facial Features: Square features with heavy lined cheekbones and low thick brows

Height/Bulid: Average Wolfrider height, stocky and muscled

Family: Farcry (Uncle), Arrowmoss (Cousin), Quill (Cub)
Lovemates: Open to all
Lifemates: None
Recognized: Otter

Tribal Duty/Position: Trade Party Leader
Hunting Party: Yes
Trading Party: Leader
Ride-Out Party: No

Weapons used: Spear

Skills and Hobbies: Keeping the Trolls in line! With his sense of humor he's practically a Troll himself. He can be found spending much of his time down in the caverns, much to the ribs dismay when he comes home smelling of them and dreamberry wine. He's an average hunter and an excellent lovemate.

Personality: Extremely jovial, there's hardly a serious moment when Splitspear is around. He's a fierce competitor, especially when it comes to winning the fancy of the tribes females! He likes nothing more than to be carefree and in the Now..
Likes and Dislikes: A good trade, good wine and a nice tumble in the furs. When life becomes serious or when his hunting is less than average.

Personal history:  Splitspear is the happy-go-lucky nephew of Farcry and the equally redheaded cousin of the quiet Arrowmoss. His jovial personality is what made Blade chose him for the position of trading with the Trolls. You have to have a sense of humor when dealing with their lot! Splitspear was a cub of the tribe and is well rounded for it, there's never a dull moment! When not in the Troll caverns he can be found hanging around the Tribes most eligible females, trying to win their hearts. Always up for a challenge with a fiery temper and the last one to back down, Splitspear is a Wolfrider through and through!

Wolfbond name: Mist
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Color: Silvery gray with deep gold eyes
Pack Rank: Alpha male
Disposition: Young and eager to show off his new pack position