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Character: Quill
Played by: Ally
Soul name: Unknown
Cub name: Same
Previous name: None
Age: 10
Gender: Female

Hair: Deep reddish brown and worn in two “wolf tails” high on her head. Short, spiky and ragged, usually tangled and bushy. One long brown and white feather behind left ear in hair.

Eyes: Deep shade of blue, wide set and thickly lashed

Facial Features: Round face, a soft, full mouth and a chin that is entirely stubborn

Height/Bulid: 3' even, young, still growing. Strong shoulders from swimming

Family: Splitspear (Father), Otter (Mother), Widesky and Haze(Second Cousin), Flame (Half brother)

Lovemates: No
Lifemates: No
Recognized: No
Tribal Duty/Position: Cub and future Troll Trade-Leader (if she has her way)
Hunting Party: Not yet, but she wants to soooo badly
Trading Party: As often as she can
Ride-Out Party: Not yet

Weapons used: Sling and a very small diamond bladed dagger, made just for her by Scumbog. Small net for fishing

Skills and Hobbies: She has the gift of far-sight (think Scouter). Good at getting dirty, swimming, getting in trouble, sneaking up on others and playing pranks. She's already dealing with the trolls…

Personality: A cub that is never low on energy, Quill is always up to something. Very verbal and hyper, she is always in the middle of things. Long forgotten is her crush on her second cousin, Widesky...there's Rain now! She has no fear and that's what lands her in so many predicaments. She is stubborn and hot-tempered, and is often very brash and impulsive, which often gets her in trouble.

Likes and Dislikes: Likes the troll caverns, hunting and trading with her father, swimming and fishing with her mother, swooning over Rain and being tickled. Dislikes being reprimanded (which is often), getting lost and having no cubs her age. (Sure, Thicket is near her age, and all the cubs sorta are, but she wants a cub that's ten too)

Personal History: Born of the recognition between Otter and Splitspear, Quill grew up with two loving parents, even though they never lifemated. She usually sleeps in her mothers den, but she is often found in Splitspear’s as well. She visits her Aunt Daybreak when her parents “visit” each other. By the time she was four, she had gotten in enough trouble for someone three times her age. First she wanted to bond with a bear cub…Blade and Splitspear had to save her from the somewhat upset mother bear. Another time she decided she wanted to dye her own leathers…the dye still hasn't come out of the walls on Brownpool’s den. Then there was the time she convinced herself that she could fly and almost killed herself jumping out of her mother's den. Luckily, Arrowmoss was nearby and kept her skin intact. Then there was the time she tried to climb the wolf statue Amber made. That big ol' fish was fun to try and catch...until it brought all its friends. Wandering aimlessly brought her a little too close to the human's camp for her father's peace of mind. Then…well, she's been in quite a bit of adventures. And there's many more to come...

Wolfbond name: None currently
Pack Rank: