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Character: Daybreak
Played by: Liz
Soul name: Frell
Cub name: Dawnstar
Previous name: None
Age: 1, 031
Gender: Female

Hair: Beautiful orange gold curls that curl around her face and spill down her back

Eyes: Sparkling sky blue with heavy black lashes

Facial Features: Heart shaped face with a small nose and thin, low brows. A few freckles here and there, the picture of beauty

Height/Bulid: Shorter than others. She's small and voluptuous with lots of curves, built for admiring

Family: Arrowmoss and Wisp (Cubs), Farcry (Lifemate)
Lovemates: Devoted to Farcry
Lifemates: Farcry
Recognized: Farcry

Tribal Duty/Position: Midwife, huntress
Hunting Party: No
Trading Party: Yes
Ride-Out Party: No

Weapons used: Dagger

Skills and Hobbies: Daybreak uses her knowledge of childbearing to help the Wolfriders with their cubs, she is very fond of cubs, and the high ones have blessed her twice with cubs of her own, first with Arrowmoss and just recently with Wisp. Daybreak likes nothing more than to spend time with her family and when they aren't available (Farcry is often gone since he is the Ride-Out leader) she spends time with the other families in the Holt.

Personality: Quiet, wise and caring, Daybreak is welcome in any den. She is calm, collected and cool-headed even in the most stressful of situations. She is often sought after for her flawless advise.

Likes and Dislikes: Being with her family and around cubs. When Farcry travels for too long.

Personal history: Daybreak was a quiet cub and grew up spending most of her time wandering the woods alone or with her age-mate Farcry. She observed everything that went on in the Holt and became an invaluable source of advise and knowledge because of it. She is mysterious in her own way. She became infatuated with new life and soon taught herself the skills she needed to be a midwife. Coached by the Healer of the tribe she perfected her skill and the tribe has since not lost a cub since the Healers death. Daybreak is proud of her family and watches as the tribe prospers.

Wolfbond name: Dawnlight
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Color: Tawny red, brown
Pack Rank: Beta female
Disposition: Quiet and peaceful