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Character: Foxfire
Played by: Connie
Soul name: Shul
Cub name: Breeze
Previous name: None
Age: 1,957
Gender: Female

Hair: Pale blonde, almost white and fine as silk. It goes to her rear and ends in thin strands.

Eyes: Silvery gray, highly slanted and darkly outlined like a foxes

Facial Features: Defined cheekbones and very high brows, she has a fox-like quality to her, thin lips and smooth skin

Height/Bulid: Slightly taller than the other females, lean and fine framed, she hears the starsong loudly

Family:  Rain (Cub), Blade (Cousin), Widesky (second cousins)
Lovemates: She choses her mates wisely
Lifemates: None
Recognized: Brownpool

Tribal Duty/Position: Story keeper
Hunting Party: No
Trading Party: No
Ride-Out Party: Yes

Weapons used: Sword

Skills and Hobbies: Foxfire can summon up the most ancient and forgotten tales from times gone by. She alone in the tribe remembers all and for that reason has a hard time with her wolf blood letting her live in the Now. She is an average hunter for all her seasons and likes nothing more than to curl up by the fire with the tribe and spin tales or sing songs for them.

Personality: Foxfire is quite out going! She is friends with everyone in the tribe and has a song about each one of them. She is happy-go-lucky and always willing to try new things or go to strange lands with the Ride-Out party. (For new things to sing about, she says). She is the second oldest in the tribe and therefore has a position of respect amongst them.

Likes and Dislikes: Stargazing, singing and telling tales, a full pouch of dreamberries. When her cub becomes distraught or she sings out of tune.

Personal history:  Foxfire was taken under the wing of the tribes Storyteller at an early age, being the future chiefs cousin, she wanted nothing more than to be a huntress. But the storyteller sensed something special about her and he knew that the starsong was strong in her blood. Soon after learning al the wondrous ways of constructing stories and songs, Foxfire developed a natural talent for it and took over the position upon the death of the storyteller. Having always been too much in her own world to take a lovemate seriously, Foxfire was dumbfounded when recently she recognized the Tanner, Brownpool, while watching him cure hides. The two knew they were an unlikely match, but did not shun the recognition. They happily complied and went on their way. Brownpool is both prod and very much a part of Rain's life.

Wolfbond name: Frostbite
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Color: Pure silvery white with gray eyes
Pack Rank: Low
Disposition: Strange and distant