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Character: Haze
Played by: Jay
Soul name: Unknown
Cub name: Haze
Previous name: None
Age: 4
Gender: Male

Hair: Light sandy brown with darker highlights, Haze refuses to let anyone touch his hair for whatever reason. The cub wears it loose now but has planes to gorw a long braid when he's older.

Eyes: Huge! they look as though they take up his whole face! They are his mother's deep, clear blue.

Facial Features: Always wearing a smile and a look of arrogance mixed with naughtiness, he's got an oval face and charming good looks.

Height/Bulid: Lanky and lean, he's going to be quite slender and may not develope the stalkiness of his father and older brother.

Family:  Shineshade (Mother), Blade (Father), Widesky (Brother), Thicket and Echo (Half sisters) Otter (Cousin), Foxfire and Quill (Second cousin)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: None

Tribal Duty/Position: Cub, Future Chief
Hunting Party: No
Trading Party: No
Ride-Out Party: No

Weapons used: His good looks and a short blade

Skills and Hobbies: Flirting, making jokes, keeping the peace with his light hearted ways, hunting and tracking (when he can keep his mouth shut), lazing around in the shade with his mother

Personality: Just the opposite of his brother, having gotten most of his personality from his mother, Haze is loud, boastful, arrogant, charming, witty and playfull and entirely likeable! He won't be happy unless everyone else in the Tribe is happy also and he tries to do this by constanly making jokes. At the tender age of four turns he already has an eye for the ladies and seems to think and _believe_ that he is indeed the best looking male in the Holt!

Likes and Dislikes: Flirting, relaxing, making jokes, hunting and a good swim. Hates when people don't want to hear his jokes or insult him. (He's quite vain, but doesnt realise it since he truely thinks he's the High Ones Gift to the Tribe!)

Personal history: Haze is the destined leader of the tribe much to Widesky's relief! He has grown into thinking that Thicket will be the leader since Widesky remains passive on the subject and Haze is too small to challance for the rank. While the cub remains submissive at this age, he knows that only _he_ was ment to lead and Thicket's time will come when she must face a grown Haze, born of recognition between Blade and Shineshade.

Wolfbond name: None at the moment
Pack Rank: