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Character: Dawnstar
Played by: Elina
Soul name: Unrevealed
Cub name: N/A
Previous name: N/A
Age: 4
Gender: Female

Hair:  The color of Brownpool’s, but silky-fine like Foxfire’s, held in a high tail that falls to her shoulders.

Eyes: Bright green with silver flecks, large and

Facial Features: Foxlike, with high cheekbones, high arched brows, a
straight nose, and overall sharp, delicately pointed features.
Height/Build: Short, slender for a cub but still a cub.

Family: Mother - Foxfire, father - Brownpool,
twin brother - Flame, Brother - Rain, Second cousin- Widesky and Haze
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No

Tribal Duty/Position: Cub, future storyteller
Hunting Party: Not yet
Trading Party: Not yet
Ride-Out Party: Not yet

Weapons used: None

Skills and Hobbies: Has a very good memory, and can often repeat parts of
her mother’s stories with great accuracy. She follows Brownpool like she’s
his shadow as much as she can, and enjoys watching Rain fish.

Personality: Very much her father’s daughter. Sweet and gentle, she always has a kind word or a smile for everyone unless they’ve done something she disapproves of, in which case the look of sympathetic disappointment she gives them is enough to make the most hardened warrior feel remorse. As the youngest and most vulnerable female in a family of predominantly males, she is very protected and feels no fear for herself, only for Flame and his uncanny ability to get into trouble. Remarkably intuitive; she can tell whenever someone isn’t feeling completely happy and does her utmost to make them feel better

Likes and Dislikes: Watching her family at their various trades, playing
quietly with Flame or the other cubs (with Flame around, quiet play never
lasts long). How often Flame gets in trouble, when tribemates or family
members argue, when others are upset over something.

Personal history: Conceived of the second Recognition between Brownpool and Foxfire, Dawnstar and her twin/half-brother were both thought to be the children of that Recognition. It was mostly the fact that Dawnstar was undeniably the child of Foxfire and Brownpool that kept the distraught tanner from losing it completely after discovering that a child he’d thought to be his wasn’t. Her gentle, universally loving manner plays direct counterpoint to her brother’s cocky rough-and-tumble attitude. Her life has been largely uneventful; she usually tries to keep Flame out of trouble but that is a losing battle and she often ends up leaving his fate to luck and dubious skills while she goes to find an adult.

Wolfbond name: None yet.
Pack Rank: