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Character: Otter
Played by: Katie
Soul name: Naul
Cub name: Otter
Previous name: None
Age: 252
Gender: Female

Hair: Long, thick and a rich reddish brown in color

Eyes: A stunning golden brown with tiny flecks of brick red, thickly lined and heavily lashed

Facial Features: Frail looking face with distinguished cheekbones, small full lips and thin brows

Height/Bulid: Short and slender, Otter has well defined shoulder muscles from seasons of swimming.

Family:  Shineshade (Aunt), Widesky (Cousin), Quill (Cub)
Lovemates: Open to sharing
Lifemates: None
Recognized: Splitspear

Tribal Duty/Position: Tribal fisher
Hunting Party: Yes
Trading Party: No
Ride-Out Party: No

Weapons used: Long spear, fishing line and hooks

Skills and Hobbies: Otter isn't the Tribal Fisher for just any plain old reason! An excellent swimmer and familiar with all life in the waters. When not playing pranks on someone she can usually be fond in the nearby river practicing her skill.

Personality: Lighthearted and merry making. Otter is hardly ever serious. Always laughing and ready to pull pranks, she can make her shy cousin Widesky's life miserable!

Likes and Dislikes: Swimming, dreamberries, a good tumble in the furs, laughing and playing pranks. Elves who can't take a joke or are too serious.

Personal history:  Otter is the only niece of Shinshade and seems to take after her side of the family by being carefree and happy, living fully in the Now. Otter was thrilled when her cousin, Widesky, was born and soon took wicked delight in the cub's shy manner. She has used him as a source of a prank more times than she can remember. Otter was born to love the water, her mother knew this and bore her in the nearby river where the tiny cub floated happily to life. She, herself, is as agile as a fish and sometimes twice as fast! Beware, potential lovemates, don't let her lure you to her watery home...or you'll become quick and easy prey!

Wolfbond name: Longsnout
Age: 8
Gender:  Male
Color: Silvery gray
Pack Rank: Mid
Disposition: Quick tempered, young and full of fire.