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Character: Brownpool
Played by: Kelly
Soul name: Farn
Cub name: Dust
Previous name: None
Age: 770
Gender: Male

Hair: Light brownish-blonde, long and held back in a tail

Eyes: Deep glittering green, large and mesmerizing with thick outlines

Facial Features: Square and handsome, considered to be one of the best looking amongst the females, low,  thick brows and a firm, tight lip

Height/Bulid: Tall and muscular, lean with large upper body mass from working with his hands

Family: Sage (Brother),  Rain (Cub)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: Foxfire

Tribal Duty/Position: Tanner
Hunting Party: No
Trading Party: Yes
Ride-Out Party: No

Weapons used: A small blade for defense only

Skills and Hobbies: Though Brownpool may have the roughest hands in the tribe he also has the softest touch. A skilled Tanner he makes sure that his tribe mates not only have practical clothing but that they have leathers to suit their individual personalities. He always has a kind word and isn't one to stray from the way.

Personality: Always fair and patient, Brownpool is a good listener and a proud father. He's calm and collected, a bit standoffish but warm hearted and always willing to do any task his Chief requires of him.

Likes and Dislikes: Good hide and fur for making beautiful leathers. When his mind sees one thing and his hands make another.

Personal history: Brownpool is the humble Tanner of the tribe and the very proud father of Rain. As a cub, Brownpool knew that he wanted to be Tanner someday as he watched the tribes Tanner work day in and day out. The secrets were taught to him as he grew up, therefore making him somewhat of a less skilled hunter than his age mates. Brownpool is by far the best Tanner the Wolfriders have ever known. Brownpool recognized Foxfire while he was curing hides one day. It was a shock to both and they merely complied with the need and went on with their lives. The two had no desire to become Lifemates. Brownpool provide for Foxfire through her pregnancy and is a large part of Rain's life.

Wolfbond name: Crushfang
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Color: Sandy brown with black paws
Pack Rank: Mid
Disposition: Quiet and curious, very attached to Brownpool they share a deep bond