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Character: Widesky
Played by: Jay
Soul name: Kaye
Cub name: Burr
Previous name: None
Age: 36
Gender: Male

Hair: Dark brown, like his fathers.  Unkempt and straggly, it's usually hanging in his face and in his eyes and full of leaves and twigs.  Held in a tail between his shoulder blades.

Eyes: Heavily outlined, thickly arched squares.  Deep amber gold, like a yellow sunset

Facial Features: Still cubish but with the promise of being a fine, handsome hunter.  Doesn't have quite the defined cheek bones of his father, but they show signs of doing so.  Large compelling eyes and big blushing cheeks.

Height/Bulid: Tall as his father already, he may grow slightly taller!  Lean and youthful but with strong and capable muscles.

Family: Shineshade (Mother), Blade (Father), Otter (Cousin), Foxfire and Quill (Second cousin)
Lovemates: Arrowmoss and Vineleaper
Lifemates: None
Recognized: None

Tribal Duty/Position: Hunter, future Ride-Out leader
Hunting Party: Yes
Trading Party: No
Ride-Out Party: When his father allows, future Ride-Out leader

Weapons used: Spear

Skills and Hobbies: Tracking, exploring, learning the language of the animals, knack for foretelling the weather

Personality: Shy and quiet, he usually avoids being in a situation where he has to talk to more than three elves at a time.  He loves a good celebration though and in his opinion, the more dreamberries the better!  Widesky wouldn't hurt another elf, ever.  He is devoted and proud, he's got a sense of humor under all that shyness though.  Widesky resents anything that may tie him down, he is a true free spirit and fiercely independent.

Likes and Dislikes: Exploring and being one with nature.  When his father says he can't go on a Ride-Out or he gets caught wandering too far from the Holt.

Personal history: Widesky is the first cub between Blade and Shineshade.  Both his parents know that he will probably not be the cub to take over the chief's lock, unless something is done about his terrible shyness.  He has shown no interest in leading anything other than the Ride-Out party since exploring is his one true passion in life.  Widesky is quiet but very friendly and open.  He usually avoids large gatherings unless the have a purpose.  Widesky will always be found avoiding the females in the Tribe.

Wolfbond name: Sootpaw
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Color: Pure black and sleek
Pack Rank: Low
Disposition: Rambunctious and playful, he likes to get Widesky in trouble