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Character: Farcry
Played by: Missing
Soul name: Zern
Cub name: Littletrail
Previous name: None
Age: 1,034
Gender: Male

Hair: Dark brownish-black, short and curly

Eyes: A strange glowing orange-gold

Facial Features: Soft and gentle, kind looking, thick brows and a fine thatch of developing face-fur

Height/Bulid: Average, somewhat slender

Family: Daybreak (Lifemate), Arrowmoss (Cub), Splitspear (Nephew)
Lovemates: Only Daybreak
Lifemates: True to Daybreak
Recognized: Daybreak

Tribal Duty/Position: Ride-Out leader
Hunting Party: Yes
Trading Party: No
Ride-Out Party: Leader

Weapons used: Any and all, fond of his bow

Skills and Hobbies: Farcry knows many secret places and can often produce hard to find herbs and oddities for the Tribe. He is an excellent tracker and hunter. His latest hobby is teaching his skill to young Widesky, who shows an avid and natural interest in wandering.

Personality: Quiet and kind, Farcry can tolerate anyone but prefers to be alone most of the time. When he isn't wandering from the Holt he can be found with his family. He speaks little and smiles allot.  

Likes and Dislikes: Long journeys and new places. Feeling trapped.

Personal history: Farcry was born into the position of Ride-Out leader, having been the son of the prior. He was a quiet cub, happy and humble and always by his fathers side. He naturally took up with young Daybreak since they were not only age mates but of similar personalities. Once they were old enough they quickly became lovemates. Daybreak was the only female who seemed unbothered by Farcry's desire to fill his fathers shoes. Just 19 turns ago he finally recognized Daybreak and the two became lifemates. They have a beautiful cub, Arrowmoss, and the tribe was thrilled to learn that they would be with a healer once more. Farcry now spends his time training Widesky in the ways of wandering.

Wolfbond name: Prowler
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Color: A light gray with blue eyes
Pack Rank: Mid
Disposition: Fierce spirited and wild as the wind