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Character: Blackberry
Played by: Kelly
Soul name: Gres
Cub name: Nutcap
Previous name: None
Age: 811
Gender: Female

Hair: Dark, bark colored brown and straight. Short, just below her chin and tucked behind her ears under her cap

Eyes: A pretty, deep and dark purple-blue

Facial Features: Round face with thick lined eyes and long lashes.  Thin high brows and soft features

Height/Bulid: Tall and lean, not as busty or voluptuous as some of the other females.  Built for running and agility.

Family:  Thicket (Cub), Echo (Cub)
Lovemates: Blade
Lifemates: None
Recognized: None

Tribal Duty/Position: Leader of the Hunt
Hunting Party: Leader
Trading Party: Yes
Ride-Out Party: No

Weapons used: Long bow

Skills and Hobbies: She's an expert huntress and has been since she was a cub.  Also considered the Tribal archer, she spends most of her day perfecting her craft.  Blackberry has a softness for the fruits and berries that grow around the Holt, something not every Wolfrider can tolerate.  She is loyal to Blade and can be counted on as second in command.

Personality: True to the way through and through!  Blackberry is usually sweet and playful, but when the Way is being questioned, she stands by it without fail.  She can be a bit impatient with cubs and things that defy her orders in general.

Likes and Dislikes: Hunting and collecting nuts and berries in the forest, a good story and a good gathering.  When Blade's judgment is questioned along with her own.

Personal history:  Blackberry has been under the wing of Blade since her birth.  She is a true Wolfrider and shuns anything other than the Way and the Now.  Her one "flaw" is that she sometimes prefers berries to meat! She finds humor in this herself and often jokes about it.  

Wolfbond name: Silence
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Color: Light gray
Pack Rank: Alpha female
Disposition: Grouchy and doesn't like to be bothered