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Character: Blade
Played by: Jay
Soul name: Ral
Cub name: Blade
Previous name: None
Age: 2011
Gender: Male

Hair: Dark chestnut brown, just below shoulders and held back in the Chief's lock

Eyes: Strongly outlined, square and wolfish, light gold-yellow in color

Facial Features: Chiseled and square, strong cheek bones with heavy black eyes brows and facial fur

Height/Bulid: Average Wolfrider height, stocky and muscled

Family: Shineshade (Recognized Lifemate), Widesky and Haze (Sons), Thicket and Echo (Daughters), Foxfire (Cousin), Rain (Second cousin),
Lovemates: Several over the seasons and through his youth, Blackberry
Lifemates: Shineshade, will share furs with whomever in the tribe wishes to
Recognized: Shineshade

Tribal Duty/Position: Chief
Hunting Party: Yes
Trading Party: Yes, upon occasion
Ride-Out Party: Upon occasion and when needed

Weapons used: Sword

Skills and Hobbies: Giving orders, care taking, watching over his Tribe, skilled hunter and fighter, elder amongst the tribe

Personality: Strong willed and determined, he lives purely for the tribe.  He hardly thinks of himself before others, a strong leader and a faithful companion.  

Likes and Dislikes: A good hunt, story, and howl.  Putting the tribe in danger and members who don't do as they are advised.

Personal history: Blade became the leader of the Wolfriders at the age of 300 turns after a strange sickness killed over half of the tribe at a time when they were without a healer.  He has led for many a turn and is wise, fair, and respected.  Occasionally he forgets things because of the Now, but he seeks council within the tribe before making any drastic decisions.  Not many turns age he recognized his Lifemate, Shineshade, and together they bore their first cub together, Widesky.  Blade finds comfort in his family and hopes for nothing more than the Wolfriders to prosper and be happy.

Wolfbond name: Shadowslash
Age: 60 turns
Gender: Male
Color: Dark brown with golden eyes
Pack Rank: Beta male
Disposition: Old and wise, patient with all pack members